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Dr. Stephanie Vavilala

Autism Advocate. Philanthropist. Thought Leader.

Welcome. I'm glad you're here!

As a special needs mom, licensed mental health therapist, and applied behavioral analyst, I've experienced and understand both sides of the autism equation.

Getting an Autism diagnosis can feel overwhelming, maybe even devastating. I'm here because I want you to know the awe and wonder of autism, or what we call "AWEtism." It's bright. It's beautiful. It's an outside-the-box world that, if we can learn to navigate, we can help those on the autism spectrum to flourish.

I'm Dr. Stephanie Vavilala. Let me show you the wonder of AWEtism.
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Explore the Wonder of Autism

The wonder of autism is seeing the world differently, and in seeing it through a new lens, you are filled with surprise mixed with admiration because of something beautiful or unexpected.

You may have questions like:

What is autism?
What are early signs of autism?
Will my child be able to function on their own?
Where can I find help?
What kind of help do we even need?

Friend, I've been where you are and I want you to know that there is help, light, hope, and happiness ahead.

I've put together a wonderful array of resources to help you along this journey.

Explore The Wonder of "Awe-tism"

Giving Voices

Finding a voice for Sabita, who is non-verbal, was a big step forward in giving her the ability to communicate in a world based on verbal communication.

Sabita Speaks is my non-profit organization dedicated to helping provide the technology necessary for people affected by non-verbal autism. To learn more or apply for a nomination, visit Sabita Speaks.
Visit Sabita Speaks